SWC Boys Soccer

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SWC Boys Soccer Season

SWC Boys Soccer

We are all excited for the 2023 SWC High School soccer season. Please find the master schedule and standings table below. Please note that the standings table is based only on conference games to determine the post-season league tournament.


2022 SWC Champs

Congratulations to the Pomperaug Panthers on a well-earned title.

SWC Boys Soccer Conference Rankings

PositionSchoolWinsLossesDrawsPointsScheduleOverall Record
Notre Dame-Fairfield46315Schedule5-7-4
New Milford76021Schedule9-7
Kolbe Cathedral11103Schedule1-12-2
New Fairfield65220Schedule7-6-2
Joel Barlow85024Schedule9-5

*Rankings and records are based on conference games only. Click on the "schedule" button to see the full results for each team.
*Decimal points are not actual points. They are used to account for tiebreaker differentials.

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2023 SWC Boys Soccer Schedule

DayDateTeamOpponentH/AFacilityTime Column Result
Thu.9/7/2023BunnellAmistadHomeBunnell HS-Mastroni FieldW 2-0
Thu.9/7/2023PomperaugWoodlandHomePomperaug HS-StadiumW 3-0
Thu.9/8/2023StratfordSeymourAwaySeymour HS-Seymour High School Turf FieldL 2-1
Tue.10/24/2023BethelAbbott TechHomeBethel HS-MS Turf Soccer FieldW 1-0
Sat.10/21/2023Notre DameHardingAwayWarren Harding HS-Lewis FieldW 3-0
Sat.9/9/2023NewtownNewingtonHomeFarmington Sports ArenaT 1-1
Mon.9/11/2023ImmaculateHardingAwayWarren Harding HS-Lewis FieldW 2-0
Mon.9/11/2023Kolbe CathedralBullard Havens TechAwaySeaside Park-SeasideT 1-1
Tue.9/12/2023BunnellPomperaugHomeBunnell HS-Mastroni FieldW 1-0
Tue.9/12/2023Joel BarlowNewtownHomeJoel Barlow HS-Field J (Competition Field)L 2-5
Tue.9/12/2023MasukNew FairfieldHomeMasuk HS-Benedict Stadium Field @ Masuk HSW 2-0
Tue.9/12/2023New MilfordKolbe CathedralHomeNew Milford HS-Joe Wiser Stadium - NMHSW 5-1
Tue.9/12/2023Notre DameImmaculateHomeNotre Dame - Fairfield -Park Ave FieldW 3-0
Tue.9/12/2023StratfordBrookfieldHomePenders Field-Penders Field - StratfordL 0-5
Tue.9/12/2023WestonBethelHomeWeston HS-WHS Stadium FieldL 0-3
Thu.9/14/2023BethelStratfordHomeBethel HS-MS Turf Soccer FieldW 7-0
Thu.9/14/2023BrookfieldNotre Dame-FairfieldHomeBrookfield HS-BHS Stadium FieldW 3-0
Thu.9/14/2023BunnellNewtownHomeBunnell HS-Mastroni FieldL 1-3
Thu.9/14/2023ImmaculateNew MilfordHomeImmaculate HS-Mustang ValleyL 0-1
Thu.9/14/2023Joel BarlowNew FairfieldHomeJoel Barlow HS-Field J (Competition Field)L 0-1
Thu.9/14/2023Kolbe CathedralMasukHomeVeterans Memorial Park CTL 2-8
Thu.9/14/2023WestonPomperaugHomeWeston HS-WHS Stadium FieldL 0-1
Fri.9/15/2023ImmaculateBassickAwayBassick HS-Knight Stadium UBL 0-1
Fri.9/15/2023MasukAbbott TechHomeMasuk HS-Benedict Stadium Field @ Masuk HSW 3-0
Sat.10/21/2023BrookfieldBassickHomeBrookfield HS-BHS Stadium FieldW 3-2
Sat.9/16/2023Notre DameCantonHomeNotre Dame - Fairfield -Park Ave FieldT 0-0
Tue.9/19/2023Kolbe CathedralJoel BarlowHomeVeterans Memorial Park CTL 0-5
Tue.9/19/2023MasukImmaculateHomeMasuk HS-Benedict Stadium Field @ Masuk HSW 3-0
Tue.9/19/2023New FairfieldBunnellHomeNew Fairfield HS-Marty Morgan FieldT 2-2
Tue.9/19/2023New MilfordBrookfieldHomeNew Milford HS-Joe Wiser Stadium - NMHSL 1-2
Tue.9/19/2023NewtownWestonHomeNewtown HS-Blue and Gold StadiumW 7-2
Tue.9/19/2023Notre DameStratfordHomeNotre Dame - Fairfield -Park Ave FieldW 7-1
Tue.9/19/2023PomperaugBethelHomePomperaug HS-StadiumT 1-1
Thu.9/21/2023BethelNotre Dame-FairfieldHomeBethel HS-MS Turf Soccer FieldT 1-1
Thu.9/21/2023BrookfieldMasukHomeBrookfield HS-BHS Stadium FieldW 4-1
Thu.9/21/2023BunnellKolbe CathedralHomeBunnell HS-Mastroni FieldW 5-2
Thu.9/21/2023ImmaculateJoel BarlowHomeImmaculate HS-Mustang ValleyL 0-2
Thu.9/21/2023PomperaugNewtownHomePomperaug HS-StadiumT 2-2
Thu.9/21/2023StratfordNew MilfordHomePenders Field-Penders Field - StratfordL 0-4
Thu.9/21/2023WestonNew FairfieldHomeWeston HS-WHS Stadium FieldL 1-3
Sat.9/30/2023New FairfieldNew MilfordHomeNew Fairfield HS-Marty Morgan FieldL 0-1
Sat.9/23/2023NewtownNaugatuckHomeNewtown HS-Blue and Gold StadiumW 2-0
Sat.10/07/2023Notre DameBassickAwayBassick HS-Knight Stadium UBL 1-3
Sat.9/23/2023StratfordAmistadHomePenders Field-Penders Field - StratfordW 2-1
Mon.10/16/2023PomperaugAbbott TechAwayBroadview MS-Stephen A. Kaplanis Turf FieldT 0-0
Tue.10/7/2023ImmaculateBunnellHomeImmaculate HS-Mustang ValleyT 1-1
Tue.9/26/2023Joel BarlowBrookfieldHomeJoel Barlow HS-Field J (Competition Field)L 1-2
Tue.9/26/2023Kolbe CathedralWestonHomeVeterans Memorial Park CTL 0-5
Tue.9/26/2023MasukStratfordHomeMasuk HS-Benedict Stadium Field @ Masuk HSW 5-0
Tue.9/26/2023New FairfieldPomperaugHomeNew Fairfield HS-Marty Morgan FieldL 0-2
Tue.9/26/2023New MilfordNotre Dame-FairfieldHomeNew Milford HS-Joe Wiser Stadium - NMHSW 3-0
Tue.9/26/2023NewtownBethelHomeNewtown HS-Blue and Gold StadiumL 0-3
Thu.9/28/2023BethelNew MilfordHomeBethel HS-MS Turf Soccer FieldW 3-1
Thu.9/28/2023BrookfieldBunnellHomeBrookfield HS-BHS Stadium FieldW 6-0
Thu.9/28/2023NewtownNew FairfieldHomeNewtown HS-Blue and Gold StadiumL 1-2
Thu.9/28/2023PomperaugKolbe CathedralHomePomperaug HS-StadiumW 2-0
Thu.9/28/2023StratfordJoel BarlowHomePenders Field-Penders Field - StratfordL 0-4
Thu.9/28/2023WestonImmaculateHomeWeston HS-WHS Stadium FieldW 1-0
Fri.9/29/2023Notre DameMasukHomeNotre Dame - Fairfield -Park Ave FieldL 2-3
Sat.9/30/2023BethelHoly CrossHomeBethel HS-MS Turf Soccer FieldW 2-0
Sat.9/30/2023BrookfieldOxfordHomeBrookfield HS-BHS Stadium FieldW 6-1
Sat.9/30/2023BunnellSeymourAwaySeymour HS-Seymour High School Turf FieldW 5-0
Sat.9/30/2023NewtownXavierHomeNewtown HS-Blue and Gold StadiumL 0-2
Mon.10/2/2023ImmaculateDerbyAwayLeo F. Ryan Athletic Complex-DeFilippo FieldW 7-0
Mon.10/2/2023MasukHardingHomeMasuk HS-Benedict Stadium Field @ Masuk HSW 7-0
Mon.10/2/2023New FairfieldAbbott TechAwayBroadview MS-Stephen A. Kaplanis Turf FieldW 2-1
Tue.10/3/2023BrookfieldWestonHomeBrookfield HS-BHS Stadium FieldT 3-3
Tue.10/3/2023ImmaculatePomperaugHomeImmaculate HS-Mustang ValleyL 0-4
Tue.10/3/2023Joel BarlowNotre Dame-FairfieldHomeJoel Barlow HS-Field J (Competition Field)W 3-0
Tue.10/3/2023Kolbe CathedralNewtownHomeVeterans Memorial Park CTL 1-4
Tue.10/3/2023MasukNew MilfordHomeMasuk HS-Benedict Stadium Field @ Masuk HSW 4-3
Tue.10/3/2023New FairfieldBethelHomeNew Fairfield HS-Marty Morgan FieldL 0-2
Tue.10/3/2023StratfordBunnellHomePenders Field-Penders Field - StratfordL 0-9
Thu.10/5/2023BethelMasukHomeBethel HS-MS Turf Soccer FieldT 1-1
Thu.10/5/2023New FairfieldKolbe CathedralHomeNew Fairfield HS-Marty Morgan FieldW 4-0
Thu.10/5/2023New MilfordJoel BarlowHomeNew Milford HS-Joe Wiser Stadium - NMHSL 0-1
Thu.10/5/2023NewtownImmaculateHomeNewtown HS-Blue and Gold StadiumW 2-0
Thu.10/5/2023Notre DameBunnellHomeNotre Dame - Fairfield -Park Ave FieldT 2-2
Thu.10/5/2023PomperaugBrookfieldHomePomperaug HS-StadiumT 2-2
Thu.10/5/2023StratfordWestonHomePenders Field-Penders Field - StratfordL 0-3
Fri.10/6/2023Kolbe CathedralHardingHomeVeterans Memorial Park CTL 3-2
Sat.10/14/2023BrookfieldHoly CrossAwayHoly Cross-Alumni FieldW 3-1
Sat.10/7/2023New MilfordRidgefieldHomeNew Milford HS-Joe Wiser Stadium - NMHSL 0-1
Sat.10/7/2023PomperaugWatertownHomePomperaug HS-StadiumW 2-0
Mon.10/9/2023Kolbe CathedralBassickAwayBassick HS-Knight Stadium UBT 0-0
Tue.10/10/2023BrookfieldNewtownHomeBrookfield HS-BHS Stadium FieldW 1-0
Tue.10/10/2023BunnellNew MilfordHomeBunnell HS-Mastroni FieldW 6-3
Tue.10/10/2023ImmaculateNew FairfieldHomeImmaculate HS-Mustang ValleyL 0-3
Tue.10/10/2023Joel BarlowMasukHomeJoel Barlow HS-Field J (Competition Field)W 2-1
Tue.10/11/2023Kolbe CathedralBethelHomeVeterans Memorial Park CTL 0-5
Tue.10/10/2023StratfordPomperaugHomePenders Field-Penders Field - StratfordL 0-6
Tue.10/10/2023WestonNotre Dame-FairfieldHomeWeston HS-WHS Stadium FieldL 0-3
Thu.10/12/2023BethelJoel BarlowHomeBethel HS-MS Turf Soccer FieldW 2-0
Thu.10/12/2023Kolbe CathedralImmaculateHomeVeterans Memorial Park CTL 1-3
Thu.10/12/2023MasukBunnellHomeMasuk HS-Benedict Stadium Field @ Masuk HSW 4-1
Thu.10/12/2023New FairfieldBrookfieldHomeNew Fairfield HS-Marty Morgan FieldL 0-1
Thu.10/12/2023New MilfordWestonHomeNew Milford HS-Joe Wiser Stadium - NMHSW 3-1
Thu.10/12/2023NewtownStratfordHomeNewtown HS-Blue and Gold StadiumW 5-0
Sat.10/14/2023MasukBassickAwayBassick HS-Knight Stadium UBL 1-3
Sat.10/14/2023BunnellStratfordHomeBunnell HS-Mastroni FieldW 7-3
Sat.10/14/2023New MilfordNew CanaanAwayNew Canaan HS-Dunning StadiumW 3-0
Sat.10/14/2023Notre DamePomperaugHomeNotre Dame - Fairfield -Park Ave FieldL 0-2
Mon.10/16/2023BethelCantonHomeBethel HS-MS Turf Soccer FieldW 2-1
Tue.10/17/2023BrookfieldKolbe CathedralHomeBrookfield HS-BHS Stadium FieldW 4-0
Tue.10/17/2023BunnellJoel BarlowHomeBunnell HS-Mastroni FieldW 4-3
Tue.10/17/2023ImmaculateBethelHomeImmaculate HS-Mustang ValleyL 0-2
Tue.10/17/2023Notre DameNewtownHomeNotre Dame - Fairfield -Park Ave FieldL 1-2
Tue.10/17/2023PomperaugNew MilfordHomePomperaug HS-StadiumL 0-2
Tue.10/17/2023StratfordNew FairfieldHomePenders Field-Penders Field - StratfordL 1-7
Tue.10/17/2023WestonMasukHomeWeston HS-WHS Stadium FieldL 2-4
Thu.10/19/2023BethelBunnellHomeBethel HS-MS Turf Soccer FieldW 4-0
Thu.10/19/2023ImmaculateBrookfieldHomeImmaculate HS-Mustang ValleyL 1-2
Thu.10/19/2023Joel BarlowWestonHomeJoel Barlow HS-Field J (Competition Field)W 2-0
Thu.10/19/2023Kolbe CathedralStratfordHomeVeterans Memorial Park CTW 3-1
Thu.10/19/2023MasukPomperaugHomeMasuk HS-Benedict Stadium Field @ Masuk HST 0-0
Thu.10/19/2023New FairfieldNotre Dame-FairfieldHomeNew Fairfield HS-Marty Morgan FieldT 1-1
Thu.10/19/2023New MilfordNewtownHomeNew Milford HS-Joe Wiser Stadium - NMHSL 1-4
Mon.10/23/2023BrookfieldBethelHomeBrookfield HS-BHS Stadium FieldW 1-0
Mon.10/23/2023New MilfordNew FairfieldHomeNew Milford HS-Joe Wiser Stadium - NMHSW 1-0
Mon.10/23/2023NewtownMasukHomeNewtown HS-Blue and Gold StadiumW 1-0
Mon.10/23/2023Notre DameKolbe CathedralHomeNotre Dame - Fairfield -Park Ave FieldW 2-0
Mon.10/23/2023PomperaugJoel BarlowHomePomperaug HS-StadiumL 0-2
Mon.10/23/2023StratfordImmaculateHomePenders Field-Penders Field - StratfordL 0-3
Mon.10/23/2023WestonBunnellHomeWeston HS-WHS Stadium FieldL 0-1
Wed.10/25/2023New FairfieldBassickHomeNew Fairfield HS-Marty Morgan Field4:30 p.m.
Wed.10/25/2023WestonAbbott TechHomeWeston HS-WHS Stadium Field6:00 p.m.
Sat.10/28/2023TBDSWC Quarterfinals at the home of the higher seedTBDTBA
Tue.10/31/2023TBDSWC Semifinals at the home of the higher seedTBDTBA
Thu.11/2/2023TBDSWC Championship Game at a neutral siteNot Listed7:00 p.m.

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