Local Golf Courses, Ranges & Instruction

As many of you know, we have some very beautiful golf courses in the area. Here is a list of some courses and their current rates. We are including links to each course's website to book a tee time, inquire, or just confirm the listed rates. Please know, that we keep these rates updated, but you should always defer to each individual curse for the most accurate pricing.  Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for timely and relevant information about Greater Danbury.

Local Golf Resources
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Pricing Table

Please find all relevant pricing information below. If something looks incorrect or you would like your course listed, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Ranges & Lessons

If you are just looking to hit some balls or take some lessons, we have listed some ranges and instructors that we reccommend. If you would like to be listed on this page, please feel free to reach out to us.

Golf Course Pricing

CourseRate / ResidentResident w/ CartNon-ResidentNon-Resident w/ CartSeniorsSeniors w/ CartWeekendTwighlightGoogle RatingWebsite
Richter Park$44$62$79$79$34$52$52 - $89$36-$594.4Website
Candlewood Valley$43$65$43$65$32$534.1Website
Sunset Hill$25$43$25$43$23$41$40-$474Website

We have sorted the table by the lowest price for a non-resident with a cart. Please note that some courses don't offer a resident rate, in which case you will see the same price in several columns. In columns that have price ranges, please refer to the base rates of your eligibility to determine where you may land. As always, you can click on each courses website link link to call them.

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Valley Golf Center

562 Danbury Road, New Milford
> 20 Driving Bays
> Pro Shop & Lessons Available
> $11 Buckets

Past Sessions


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